These pictures, they are not paint and paper. They are intimate moments of life. To evoke that particular experience in you. That is my mission. To take the feeling from a certain time and space and insert it into your heart, mind and soul.

Throughout the travels in Europe, Middle East and Eastern Africa, my photography has been published by the British Royal Geographical Society’s magazine Geographical, they were printed on the covers of magazines in China and Lithuania. Shook hands with the Foreign Minister of Lithuania after winning the Travel Photograph of the Year contest, he approved my work.

I cannot not notice the symbols of the life flowing past, I anticipate them, always trying to grasp the fleeting, with all its hidden meanings, its chaos and beauty. The thoughts the people carry, the ideas they embody! I make it my duty to share what I see with you. But a picture is just one of the many senses of the moment. I try to fill in visual voids with words, to rebirth the past for a new life.


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Yours Truly,

Šun Sakis