• traveling with train in Lithuania interesting light


    When your shadow becomes more material than you, eats more, drinks more, shits more, gulps your bottle down leaving you just the last drop, all you are left with is the bottom. It seems like it always follows you one step behind, one step at a time. But that is the shade’s essence. They, just like devils, are always one step behind us humans. They will never lead, they can’t even choose the direction. All they do is confirm that, what man does. Next time you want to quench your thirst, make sure it’s yours. Don’t let other minds rule you and dirty your own washed brain.

  • man carrying a log through a swampy old forest

    Preparing For Winter

    This is a piece of what used to be a forest swamp. It got logged, but many trees have been left behind. So we would go there with my mother’s husband to saw some wood for the winter. Not much more to say about this, I just like the picture.

  • A woman in a marketplace taking her break smoking

    Don’t Stop Smoking

    Not just a smoke. Never just a smoke. A window between being and not. Life and death, if you may. And you may. Light up and let go.   Smoking kills. So does life. So what. Let’s live the moment. Let’s rise above our thinking selves. Even if just for a second. Even if just for the blink of an eye. If only just for for the flap of a butterfly’s wings. A nanosecond of life. Sometimes it’s all we need. Just that little push. To keep on going.